Monday, March 15, 2010

prevent from fatting

  • Watch what you eat and minimize your fat intake. Especially in regard to belly fat, you are what you eat. Eating a diet low in saturated fat can go a long way to keeping your midsection trim and fit. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and use a bit of cooking spray in place of butter when cooking.
  • Get moving. Exercise is the number-one way to prevent and get rid of existing belly fat. Focus on exercises that work out your core muscles, like sit-ups and crunches. Almost any aerobic activity that gets your heart rate up will work, but things like dancing and kick boxing also help strengthen your abdomen and keep you slender.
  • Drink plenty of water. Because water flushes the fat and toxins out of your body, the more you drink, the better off you'll be. So, skip the soda and sugary drinks and head for the bottled water whenever possible. Your waistline will be trimmer because of it.
  • Take a daily vitamin. When you can't eat properly, make sure to take a daily vitamin to keep your body in balance.

The human foot is made up of 26 bones that are tied together by strong ligaments. Of these there are seven tarsal bones that form the area directly below the ankle joint and make up the instep of the foot. Five metatarsal bones that make up the ball of the foot then follow these seven and of course you have fourteen phalanges that form the toes. For those wondering how five toes divide into fourteen bones it is simple, there are only two bones in the big toe and three in the others.

By now you are probably also wondering what basic foot anatomy has to do with an assailant. Actually the knowledge of how the foot and hand (which we will cover shortly) is made up will enable you to better understand how to use them against an assailant.

The heel of the foot is the toughest bone of the foot and it is unlikely you will be able to do damage to it. The ankle bones can be hurt but are supported by the heel so more effort would have to be expended. The tiny bones that make up the instep and the toes on the other hand are very vulnerable and easy to break.

When a male or female assailant grabs you, there is an excellent chance that they have your hands, wrists or arms pinned and out of commission. By pinning you in this way, your assailant has affectively removed two of your most powerful weapons, both hands and elbows.

At the same time, it is important to remember they are not the only weapons you have in your arsenal. Your most powerful weapon is of course your head and by using it while staying calm, you are already in a stronger defensive position. Another strong set of weapons is your legs and feet.

It is possible to break the small bones of the feet regardless of which way your assailant has you facing in regards to him. The important part to remember is to use your own strong heel to make the strike, not the ball of your foot or instep.

To get the desired effect you will need to bring your knee up as far as possible and then slamming it downward with your ankle flexed upward so your heel hits first. For any of the following instructions to work, you must be within striking range of your assailant. YOUR striking range, not his.

If your back is to your assailant, you can bring your knee up without impediment and think for a moment of how a mule kicks with his rear legs. He will bring his leg up with the hoof close to his underside and then kick straight back. In some styles of martial arts, bringing your knee and foot up and also kicking straight back just happens to be termed a “mule kick.”

Ideally, as you slam your heel backwards, you will hit the assailant’s knee, a very unstable, vulnerable joint. Regardless if you hit the knee or the shin, the rest of the technique requires you to allow your heel to slide down the assailant’s leg and onto the bones of the instep or toes.

For those that wear high heels or boots, you will have an added advantage although the technique will still work well in tennis shoes or bare feet. You just have to remember to put as much force behind the strike as possible.

If you have been lucky enough to hit the knee or break the bones of the foot, don’t stop there. Use your head as a battering ram against your assailant’s nose and mouth, if your arms are pinned but your hands are free, attempt to step backwards as close to your assailant as possible, use your strongest hand to reach back and grab a handful of testicles or pinch as hard as you can on the inside of the thigh as close to the groin as possible. To get the idea of how light a pinch can cause pain, reach down and pinch the inside of your own thigh.

As to the human hand, there are twenty-seven bones that comprise the fingers, palm and wrist. The wrist itself has eight strong cube shaped bones that attaches the actual hand to the end of the arm. The palm is made up of five long metacarpal bones. From the palm, fourteen phalangeal bones become the fingers with the same breakdown in individual digits as listed in the toes. Three bones are in each finger, two in the thumb.

The hand itself with all the fingers grasping your wrist, shoulder or arm is strong but one finger by itself is weak. For the sake of simplicity, lets assume your assailant has a big meaty hand wrapped around your left wrist or lower arm. Regardless as to who this person is, he or she has no right to touch you without your permission and if permission has been given, the point of this article would be mute.

Keeping calm, look down at the offending hand, reach over with you right hand and instead of grabbing their wrist or entire hand, simply grab one little finger. The weakest fingers in an average person’s hand are the pinkie and the ring finger. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Wrap your hand as best as possible around the pinkie and with a sharp motion down and back, make the back of the finger smash into the back of your assailant’s hand. You must do this quickly, forcefully and be committed to the act.

By hesitating, the assailant is given time to be aware of what you are doing and take appropriate actions and if you feel squeamish about breaking someone’s bones, you won’t use the force needed to do the most good.

If your assailant is holding your hand in such a way you can’t get a good grip on the pinkie or ring finger, don’t give up. The index finger or the thumb will be as affective; they just require a greater deal of force.

To give yourself an added advantage, precede the breaking of the finger with the foot strike and stomping of toes to get your assailant distracted first. If you are facing him, you can see exactly where the knee and foot for the best quality strike.

These suggestions are just a couple of the possible self-defense escape methods that can be used. As with any technique, no single one works 100% of the time in all given situations and against any or all opponents. They can be affective though by themselves or as follow-ups to other types of defensive moves.

As with any and all techniques, they do little good if they have not been practiced and require a period of thought on you part to remember. With any attack, you will have a very small window of opportunity to get your strikes in and get away. After all, that is your main objective, to get away. Once you are free, run, don’t walk to the closest safe place you can find and call for law enforcement authorities to handle the matter from there.

stop bully from bullying you

  • Ignore them. This is one of the hardest things to do, but it works. Ignoring the people who bully you will be hard, since they tend to come after you, but what worked for me was to start lifting weights. School is a prison, so if it works in prison, it should work in school.
  • threw a ranch covered pizza at her/him
  • What's always worked for me is bullying them back. Bullying doesn't just refer to taking lunch money and beating kids up. It's more like a way in which the idiots demonstrate their "power" over you. I'm a nice guy, but the way I see it is, if someone is going to be a jerk to me, I'm going to be a jerk right back. When I first started getting bullied in elementary, it was over stupid stuff. I got tired of it and eventually I clocked one of the bullies in the face.

    Now, this doesn't have the effect you think it would. What this does is it creates a kind of 'uncertainty' in the minds of bullies. They pick on you all the time but suddenly you're going to do something to them if they do it any more. Which tells them that you are no longer afraid of them, and won't put up with their crap. This does one of two things; it either changes the way bullies treat other people and causes them to realize how stupid they act (this fortunately is what happened in my case, and now he's a good guy), or, they move on to smaller, weaker opponents.

    If A happens, that proves that some people can be better than that. If B happens, your best bet is stay away from them. Those people are the kinds of people that just get dumber and worse, and spin off into a downward spiral and go NOWHERE in life. Those are the kinds of psychos that end up as drug dealers and serial killers.

    Another alternative is to act like you're crazy.... which has also worked for me... The next time someone tells you to hand over their money, calmly tell them that you are going to come to their house and burn it down. And that you are going to eat their unborn children. Now this may sound a little off, but it causes the bully to literally think you're crazy. And then they stay away from you. OR they beat the crap out of you for threatening them..... which is why you have to be calm about it, as if it's the most natural thing in the world. And you have to be consistent; every time you see the person you have to tell them something different.... like you enjoy knitting sweaters in your free time. And by "knitting" I mean 'kicking' and "sweaters" I mean 'babies'.

    A third option you have for dealing with bullies is to take some sort of defense class. Karate is PERFECT. Or you can join the wrestling team. This also teaches you patience and discipline, so that you may be above your enemies. This is for the next time they get in your face. You calmly ignore them, deny and refuse them, or otherwise keep yourself from doing anything they say, and eventually they might get mad enough to where they resort to physical violence against you.

    That's where the training kicks in. You can't get in trouble for it since you're only defending yourself. But it's important to ONLY defend yourself; don't go too far like break all their ribs if they slap you. And it's also important not to provoke them. Not provoking bullies doesn't just go for self defense, it's a rule in general and common sense. If you beat them enough, they'll learn not to screw with you anymore, and potentially, not to screw with anyone else either, as they don't know if THEY know karate. If you're going to take karate classes, keep it a secret. If they know about it, they probably won't bother you and thus won't be taught a lesson at all.

    Now, I don't condone violence in any form, but it seems to have been OK if the bullies do it first. They start it, you end it. That being said, if all else fails, seek help. Teachers, principals, guidance counselors, ANYONE higher up on the food chain. If your AP is a total badass like mine, then he won't put up with their crap and issue a 'restraining order' so to speak.

    If you can't get help from the school, you need to tell your parents or guardians. In fact you should tell them anyway after you tell your administration. You can also ask your friends for help. If they're bigger, you can get them to watch your back. Or if they are a bunch of smaller kids like you, well then, strength in numbers. One small kid acting big and tough against a couple meaner kids isn't much compared to 6 or 7 smaller kids. If I was a bully, I wouldn't want a bunch of little dudes ganging up on me and biting my knees off or something.

    Well that's about all the advice I can give on bullies. If you're tired of them and they bully you indirectly, tell your school admins. If they threaten or harm you directly, tell your parents and school admins. If you can't rely on them, you need to rely on yourself to kick their ass, because by that point, they probably need a good beating themselves. Break a leg...

Friday, March 12, 2010

barcode of robot animal

metal gorilla:a-146
metal shark:a-147

Thursday, March 11, 2010

barcode continued

goblin shark:a-023
small tooth saw fish:a-024
peregrine falcon:a025
great horned howl:a-026
adean condor:a-027
Bengal tiger:a-030
African elephant:a-031
Indian rhinoceros:a-32
electric ray:a-33
manta ray:a-034
golden eagle:a:-035
red scorpion:a-037
dark scorpion:a-038
Florinda bark scorpion:a-039
hippo Larry:a-040
hippo Barry:a-041
hippo Harry:a-042
kid the tiger:a-043
Joe the tiger:a-044
rattle snake the 2nd:a-047
coral snake the 2nd:a-048

the end

version 11 is out

version 11 is out! go to to watch the trailer

barcode of version one animal

great white shark:a-002
bald eagle:a-003
polar bear:a-004
Indian cobra:a-006
Leo the lion cub:a-007
blue the young shark:a-008
Icarus the young eagle:a-009
grey wolf: a-010
giant panda:a-011
Nile crocodile:a-012
black panther:a-015
snow leopard:a-016
African wild dog:a-017
side stripped jackal:a-018
alastic black bear:a-019
brown bear:a-020
indian gavial:a-021

to be continued